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M Shop & M Cafe at Megaron Athens Concert Hall

Megaron Athens Concert Hall has been a pillar of arts and culture for Athens. During the last decades, the organisation has been hosting some of the greatest musical and artistic pieces with great sincerity and respect.

The subtle character of Megaron is depicted on the building which, while having a distinct and unique personality, acts as a background for art, giving the spotlight to culture rather than itself.

Following that direction, the M Shop and M Cafe design is inspired by the Megaron building and the characteristic vertical axes of its facade, also depicted on the logo. The vertical panels act as the infrastructure upon which the products are displayed.

The concept of the design is built upon the strong horizontal axis of the building, evidently depicted on the marble floor.

The display infrastructure is created as a modular system, able to adapt to change. The vertical panels are kept in place while the squares in between can be moved, removed, transformed to cabinets or glass displays etc. Finally, it is easily maintained, repaired and expanded.


Architectural development / Interior Design / Lighting :

TAF | The Architectural Firm


TAF | The Architectural Firm


Megaron Athens Concert Hall


TAF | The Architectural Firm


Liberta Photography



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