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For those who seek a high-quality design experience in their space, TAF is an Athens based studio that undertakes all aspects of architectural creation, from concept design and visualization to the complete construction of spaces.

The architecture of TAF emerges out of a careful analysis of the local elements in perspective to the creation of architecturally rich spaces that provide the necessary basis for a better way of spatial experience.

With emphasis on the architectural elements of bold design, we approach lighting and contrasting details as an integral part of our vision, where no end-product is the same. In this way, TAF provides architectural solutions for all commercial, professional and private spaces to design your new beginnings.



To influence the urban scenery

through the immersion of architectural design.

All of our designs take immediate point of reference from their natural surroundings. No building, house, hotel or office should function as singularity inside a city’s frame. To influence the urban scenery, we must express contemporary way of life through spatial


We want people to admire and live in remarkably designed architectural spaces, while still having a strong sense of locale. We want to infuse a new identity for our city, combining its rich heritage with contemporary elements and invite everyone to share this unique spatial experience.



To share unique spatial experiences

with everyone, nationwide.

Our vision is for everyone to be able to experience their new beginnings through spatial creations of high architectural standards.


We aim to provide more than new spaces. We want to transform your home, office, store, or accommodation to a living experience itself and invite everyone to a new lifestyle of self-expressive space utilization.

TAF Team


Giorgos Taliakis, Michael Taliakis, Dimitris Matthiopoulos

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