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The aim of this architectural project was the creation of high level short-term rental apartments.

The building is located at the intersection of Mitropoleos and Aeolou streets in Monastiraki. Due to its location and altitude, it offers an excellent view of the Acropolis hill. The project is developed on one floor and consists of 6 apartments, a communal area and a fitness center.

The design was directed by an urge to highlight the view while creating a frame that would guide the guests to gaze towards it. This was achieved by the use of a very light color palette in combination with simple, uniform textures.

The large floor plan area (650sqm), in contrast to the small number of exterior windows available on the floor (13 frames) greatly affected the floor plan. The apartments were designed to make the most of these openings, creating, in most cases, spaces with a longitudinal axis leading gazes to the view of the Acropolis. The size of the apartments ranges from 40 to 110sqm.

The plasticity and minimality of the composition is enhanced by the introduction of geometric forms (wall formations). The shape of the wall recedes, creating cavities in its thickness. These cavities come to take over the functions and uses of each compartment. An office bench turns into a kindergarten, accommodating the user who wants to relax by looking at the Acropolis, while the fireplace crackles at his feet.

Great emphasis was placed on lighting the composition. Hidden lights in the ceiling and in the wall formations provide with a relaxing atmosphere during the evenings, after the tiredness that can occur by wandering in Athens. The led strips that are placed inside the cavities create contrasts while emphasizing their geometry, giving a gaseous feel to the volumes. The illumination of the common corridor with sloping lines magnifies the visitor's gaze and leads him to the door of his apartment.


Architectural development / Interior Design / Lighting :
TAF | Taliakis Architectural Firm


Interior Design:
Karolos Mouhtaris




Liberta Photography


TAF | Taliakis Architectural Firm


Monastiraki, Athens





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